Jagex is prolly like “man fuck the servers rs3 in 9 days lol swag who wants cheetos”

Or, you know, there might be legitimate server problems? Is that so hard for people to understand?

its just a joke man :/

Just a joke? If I called you names, bitched you out, and abused you, day in day out, then say, “Oh, it was just a joke.”, does that make it ok? Absolutely not.

This “joke” has been going since I started playing RS 8 years ago. I honestly do not understand why people think it’s so funny to pretend that Jagex is some whimsical company that rolls in their money and does the exact opposite of what the community wants. Sure, I have my problems with Jagex, but I don’t go around insulting them every other post.

How many other MMO’s, or even just games, big or small, do you know that pushes out updates almost weekly? They work hard to get these updates out every week so we always have something to try. Just think about how much effort, planning, and work it would take to update something the size of RS almost weekly.

Useless update you say? Dead content you say? Not every update is built around your every want and desire. Deal with it.

It takes a lot for me to go off and defend Jagex, but it’s attitudes like this that makes me respect them, in a way. They deal with shitty attitudes like this daily. You guys wonder why the community is so bad? Look in the mirror.

While on the topic, let’s address the whole Mod Mark joke thing. Speaking as someone who’s experienced a very similar (but not nearly as widespread) treatment as RS players treat Mod Mark, I find it incredibly offensive.

Imagine how you’d feel if you went on a social networking site and found tons of accounts that’s soul purpose were to impersonate you and make you look bad? Not great.

What gives you the right to treat someone as poorly as this community treats Jagex and their employees? At least they’re doing something productive with their lives besides sitting at their computer all day bitching that not everything is done to their perfect ideals and liking.

Now please, people, give it a freaking rest.

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